JIVE on German radio

JIVE and eVLBI were featured yesterday on a German radio station "Deutschland Radio", the transcript of which will be of most interest to those who can read German.

First real-time EVN image

The first real-time EVN image was produced yesterday from observations carried out using three EVN telescopes (Onsala, Jodrell Bank and Westerbork). The data rate was 32Mb/s, this data being transferred from the stations directly into the EVN MkIV correlator at JIVE. The source observed was a double-image lens system, the expected structure being easily recovered in the map.

First "real-time" success for European radio astronomy

The first ever real-time European “eVLBI” image was produced at JIVE in Dwingeloo on 28 April. Signals from three radio telescopes of the European VLBI Network (EVN) were sent directly via fibre networks into the Data Processor at JIVE and correlated, without the data at any time having been stored on disk. This is called “eVLBI”: a technique to link the telescopes together through an electronic network. eVLBI has the potential to realise much higher data rates, and make data analysis in real time a possibility. In other words: live images from the edge of the Universe can be obtained.

A radio telescope for Ireland

Today sees the launch, in Dublin, of a project to build a radio telescope in Ireland, "A Radio Telescope for Ireland" (ARTI). It is envisaged that this will have a 32-m diameter dish and participate in observations with both the EVN and MERLIN, as well as performing stand-alone observations.

First European eVLBI image

The first European eVLBI image was produced Friday 16 January 2004 at JIVE, from data transferred only 24 hours earlier. The image, as well as more detailed information about this latest eVLBI success, can be found at the following EVN eVLBI map page.

15-minute fringes!

Monday November 24 saw the correlation of data at JIVE (64 Mbps) from telescopes at Westerbork and Jodrell Bank that had been recorded directly at JIVE onto Mark5 units. Fringes were detected after only 15 minutes!

EC Research Publication

The European Commission have just released a preliminary version of a document entitled "Changing the way research is done - The user perspective on e-Infrastructure". This includes a contribution from JIVE Director Mike Garrett describing the use of the GÉANT network for real-time VLBI.

Remote recording at JIVE

During a recent (November 7) experiment, a single scan of Westerbork data was sent directly to JIVE via the Wb-JIVE optical-fibre, where it was recorded on a Mark5 unit. The same data were also recorded on tape at Westerbork. Last week the tape and disk data were correlated, giving good confidence that the remote recording was good. Final confirmation was achieved when the Westerbork disk was correlated with Effelsberg data - FRINGE! The data recording rate was 256Mb/s.

Open Day 2003

The 2003 JIVE/ASTRON Open Day was held on October 19 in the main ASTRON/JIVE building near Dwingeloo. The day was a huge success.

GÉANT video now available

DANTE (the operators of GÉANT) have produced a video which describes the network and its capabilities, with specific reference to several scientific research projects that intend to utilise its high-speed (10Gbps) pan-European connectivity. Prominent amongst these is eVLBI, with Mike Garrett (the director of JIVE) interviewed.


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