Staff organogram of JIVE structure 

All phone numbers are of the format +31 (0)521 596 ***

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Name Position Phone Username
Olga Bayandina Support Scientist  508 bayandina 
Ilse van Bemmel  Project Scientist  784  bemmel 
Paul Boven Network/LINUX Specialist 547 boven
Bob Campbell Head of Science Operations 534 campbell
Giuseppe Cimò Space VLBI Scientist 545 cimo
Francisco Colomer Director 512 colomer
Bob Eldering Software Engineer 541 eldering
Leonid Gurvits Head of Space Science and Innovative Applications 514 lgurvits
Bert Harms Senior Operator 542 harms
Aard Keimpema Scientific Programmer 544 keimpema
Mark Kettenis Software Project Scientist
525 kettenis
Yvonne Kool Senior Secretary 524 kool
or: secretary
Huib Jan van Langevelde

Chief Scientist

515 langevelde
Martin Leeuwinga Hardware Support Engineer 527/530 leeuwinga
Waleed Madkour CRAF Frequency Manager
Gina Maffey
Science Communication Officer
Benito Marcote
Support Scientist
Cristina García-Miró  SKA-VLBI Scientist    miro
Dhanya Nair Support Scientist 508 nair 
Zsolt Paragi Head of User Support
536 zparagi
Aukelien van den Poll Finance and Project officer 511 poll
Des Small Scientific Software Engineer 519 small
Harro Verkouter Head of Technical Operations and R&D 516 verkouter



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